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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
No scheduled flight for this airline
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
TU841 on 02/2021
TU841 on 11/2020
TUTAR613 on 06/201644mn
TU614 on 01/20161h25mn
TU614 on 01/201610mn
TU614 on 01/201645mn
TU614 on 01/201650mn
TU614 on 12/201545mn
TU563 on 12/20151h5mn
TU614 on 12/201520mn
TU614 on 12/201520mn
TU564 on 11/201510mn
TU563 on 11/201530mn
TU614 on 11/201515mn
TU614 on 11/201540mn
TU614 on 10/201540mn
TU613 on 10/20151h3mn
TU614 on 10/201550mn
TU613 on 10/20151h40mn
TU614 on 09/201520mn
TU614 on 09/201550mn
TU613 on 09/201519mn
TU614 on 09/20151h20mn
TU614 on 08/201540mn
TU614 on 07/20152h15mn
TU613 on 07/201534mn
TU613 on 07/201543mn
TU613 on 07/201550mn
TU613 on 07/201520mn
TU614 on 07/201510mn

Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 65%
Wind: WNW at 19km/h
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