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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Senegal Airlines
Country: SN
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayHC408John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)12:13
MondayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)11:50
MondayHC418Milano Malpensa (IT)14:20
MondayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)14:15
MondayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:15
MondayHC202Osvaldo Vieira Airport (GW)13:50
MondayHC110Cap Skirring Airport (SN)15:25
MondayHC105Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:25
MondayHC208Nelson Mandela Int. Airport (CV)22:05
MondayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)22:15
MondayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)23:49
MondayHC214Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)23:26
TuesdayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)11:46
TuesdayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)15:02
TuesdayHC424Barcelona-El Prat (ES)14:22
TuesdayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:15
TuesdayHC342Cotonou Airport (BJ)17:12
TuesdayHC104Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:25
TuesdayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)22:33
TuesdayHC208Nelson Mandela Int. Airport (CV)00:15
TuesdayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)23:00
WednesdayHC408John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)13:13
WednesdayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)11:50
WednesdayHC208Nelson Mandela Int. Airport (CV)13:55
WednesdayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:15
WednesdayHC427Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)15:57
WednesdayHC418Milano Malpensa (IT)16:05
WednesdayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)16:35
WednesdayHC104Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:42
WednesdayHC206Nouakchott Oumtounsy Int'l (MR)21:36
WednesdayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)23:22
WednesdayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)22:16
WednesdayHC214Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)23:29
ThursdayHC99Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)15:40
ThursdayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)11:47
ThursdayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:15
ThursdayHC424Barcelona-El Prat (ES)14:56
ThursdayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)16:13
ThursdayHC110Cap Skirring Airport (SN)15:25
ThursdayHC43Fort Worth (US)06:29
ThursdayHC342Cotonou Airport (BJ)18:02
ThursdayHC104Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:15
ThursdayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)23:05
ThursdayHC206Nouakchott Oumtounsy Int'l (MR)21:47
ThursdayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)23:11
ThursdayHC204Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)22:25
FridayHC408John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)14:28
FridayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)12:04
FridayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:02
FridayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)15:23
FridayHC427Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)15:11
FridayHC202Osvaldo Vieira Airport (GW)13:50
FridayHC99Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)16:52
FridayHC110Cap Skirring Airport (SN)15:11
FridayHC342Cotonou Airport (BJ)17:14
FridayHC43Malabo Airport (GQ)17:56
FridayHC105Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:27
FridayHC208Nelson Mandela Int. Airport (CV)21:40
FridayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)23:44
FridayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)22:31
FridayHC214Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)22:30
SaturdayHC332Mohamed V Airport (MA)12:06
SaturdayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:01
SaturdayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)15:10
SaturdayHC418Milano Malpensa (IT)15:45
SaturdayHC342Cotonou Airport (BJ)16:51
SaturdayHC105Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:25
SaturdayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)22:30
SaturdayHC206Nouakchott Oumtounsy Int'l (MR)21:42
SaturdayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)22:38
SaturdayHC214Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)23:04
SundayHC214Banjul (GM)01:36
SundayHC427Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)14:57
SundayHC418Milano Malpensa (IT)15:25
SundayHC102Cap Skirring Airport (SN)12:26
SundayHC208Nelson Mandela Int. Airport (CV)14:40
SundayHC404Paris Charles de Gaulle (FR)15:48
SundayHC424Barcelona-El Prat (ES)15:37
SundayHC110Cap Skirring Airport (SN)15:25
SundayHC342Cotonou Airport (BJ)18:03
SundayHC105Cap Skirring Airport (SN)18:25
SundayHC304Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)22:30
SundayHC206Nouakchott Oumtounsy Int'l (MR)21:35
SundayHC210Conakry Airport (GN)22:15
SundayHC204Banjul Yundum Airport (GM)22:30
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
HC427 on 06/2022
HC110 on 05/2022
HC110 on 02/2022
HC214 on 01/2022
HC110 on 01/2022
HC214 on 01/2022
HC1052 on 12/2021
HC208 on 12/2021
HC208 on 11/2021
HC210 on 11/2021
HC302 on 11/2021
HC304 on 11/2021
HC208 on 11/2021
HC206 on 09/2021
HC204 on 09/2021
HC342 on 08/2021
HC304 on 08/2021
HC342 on 08/2021
HC427 on 08/2021
HC202 on 07/2021
HC204 on 07/2021
HC342 on 07/2021
HC342 on 06/2021
HC427 on 06/2021
HC104 on 04/2021
HC206 on 04/2021
HC302 on 04/2021
HC204 on 04/2021
HC102 on 02/2021
HC102 on 02/2021

Humidity: 41%
Wind: N at 13km/h
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